About us

About us

At JobaPrime we are an e-commerce platform that includes healthcare & personal care products/ supplements trading & distribution. Our brand has offices & branches in Singapore and India. We run a well-organized business that takes care of its trading partners & customers in an efficient manner through a state of the art technology platform. We have varied distribution privileges in India & Singapore for online selling of herbal/ Ayurvedic products & services of reputable companies. These are innovative and effective health products that are highly sought by pharmacies and health product distributors. In keeping with the spread of digitization in Singapore, India & the South East Asian countries, we started our operations in May 2017 with branches in Singapore and India. Joba Online is a marketplace, inspired by ambitions and aspirations.

We offer a platform to aid even other sellers to grow with us. We aim to help our partners trade and distribute their supplements worldwide particularly in India & Singapore via the Internet, online affiliates, distributors, and retail stores.

Our long run strategy is to gain market share through a strong brand which serves a growing base of lifelong customers by keeping true to our mission: “We’ll satisfy the healthcare, personal care & all basic needs of our customers through safe, well-researched and effective quality products.” We cater the services both through our e-commerce portal and Health loyalty Cards available in app and kit modules.

Synopsis of our services:

  • An organization committed to providing a network of high quality healthcare from India’s finest doctors & Pharmacy at discounted rates. We aim to bridge the gap between doctors, top healthcare institutions and distributors to make the best healthcare services available at discounted rates.
  • Depending on the plan chosen, Members access significantly reduced pre-negotiated discounted rates on most medical and wellness services offered by the providers on the network.
  • It is an innovative concept in India which endeavors to make the best medical care available to its members at absolutely unbelievable rates.
  • Joba Prime is led by a dynamic team of experts from the healthcare and hospitality fields to offer the best healthcare and the best service to its members.
  • Our customer support offers 24×7 customer support.

All services offers significant savings for those with medical needs not covered by Health Insurance,

which includes:

  • Discount on Pathology ,Health Check-up
  • Doctors Consultation & Priority appointments
  • Diagnostics
  • Discount on Ayurvedic and Other Medicine
  • Preventive Health Care
  • Tele Consultation & Video conference
  • Lifestyle &Cosmetic  Healthcare
  • Emergency Services